Why not create your own Customized Christmas Cards?

Christmas card ideas

Christmas card ideas come handy around Christmas. This day is celebrated in the happiness of Jesus Christ’s Birthday. Christmas brings in the concept of being together, sharing greetings, gifts, and cards. It’s the festival of light. when it’s Christmas, everything around is so lit up and bright.

Handmade Christmas Cards:

A picture can emit thousands of feelings in them. So this year for Christmas make handmade cards for your relatives, friends, and co-workers. Bring a smile on your loved ones faces by going a little out of the box. Take their picture and place them on the chart, making it a beautiful Handmade Christmas card.

“As the tree is evergreen, let the spirit of Christmas Card ever warm our hearts”

Christmas card ideas


When posting a personal picture of whom you are giving your handmade Christmas card, try to avoid more patterns. Just make sweet notes and punches by which the other person smiles seeing your card. Do not get too emotional as Kids Christmas Cards should have a lighter feel. Be like:

  • May this Christmas brings in happiness
  • May the year ahead be joyous for you
  • Happy Christmas, be a Christmas tree
  • Gather everybody close to you and be happy
  • Your Christmas will be happy and light. Just smileChristmas card ideas

For giving an elegant look to photo Christmas card idea, put a frame around.


  1. Handmade card should be color coordinated
  2. It should match with the picture you have chosen
  3. Design it with red and white ribbons or stars

Christmas card ideas


  1. The first step is to take medium card stoke paper. There is a number of ways crafts can be done. Double printing is very in now days print a picture and places another picture on it. It looks quite creative.
  2. The second step is to take glue and sticking dried flowers and leaves which are easily available in markets.
  3. Glitters can add a sparkle to your handmade cards. Take glue and spread in on the card paper and spread the glitter on it.

Christmas card ideas


Few handmade Christmas card ideas:       

  • Christmas tree card
  • Santa holiday card
  • Card with colorful felt pennants
  • Glittered photo card
  • Falling snow card
  • Ornament card
  • Modern ornament card
  • 3-D Christmas card
  • Vintage sheet card
  • Fun felt cards


christmas card ideas

christmas card ideas

handmade Christmas cards,

Hand made Cards

This Christmas put an extra effort for your closed ones. Put thought and colors to your handmade Christmas cards and make everyone around you happy.

http://www.christmascardideas.org/photo-christmas-card-ideas/ (for more Christmas card ideas read this)

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